What are you listening through?

For ages now I’ve been using a pair of Sennheiser PX100 headphones, and they’ve been fine. In fact, I am sure it was someone over at the Garden who suggested them. Anyway, I’ve just been given a pair of PX200’s as a present. Very good headphones, but very different from the PX100’s, and they are taking a while to get used to.

So, what are you listening through, and what have you found that works best?

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  1. I just use my iPod headphones now because generally if I buy any a bit more expensive headphones my cats completely destroy them or I myself somehow manage to destroy them.So basically I’ve just given up.


  2. For my PC and when I’m feeling “serious” I use my Sennheiser HD580s, which are nice. I used to have some others (540s I think) that I preferred but my son “used” them once “to be like daddy” and killed them.I tend to listen to my mobile stuff through Sony MDR-EX71SL in-ear headphones as the Sennheisers don’t seem to get enough power into them from smaller devices. Although I like the sound cancelling effect of in-ear phones when I’m sat still, and these do sound great, I don’t like walking with them in because my footsteps make a “thud” in my ears with them, so I tend to revert to either the bog-standard iPod phones or some Phillips ones I got.


  3. I’m using some free Audio-technica ATH-M30s. They get the job done, but I’d like to get something else since these don’t really fit on my head. Even at the smallest setting they’re still about an inch from resting in the correct place.


  4. I have px100’s too. Pretty happy with them from a sound and comfort prospective..they are pretty cheap too. I still find after having mine for about 4 years its still not instinctive how they fold up! I think its just me!


  5. I monitor through headphones most of the time, finally bought a set of real headphones, Grado SR-325s. Expensive but what an amazing sound.Randy


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