Boss MicroBR case

I forgot to mention when I posted my Mixtikl example, that I recorded it using my Boss Micro BR, and I thought I’d add that I got this case for it the other day which works really well.

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  1. I found this on eBay. A guy had bought 3 from Germany because he wanted just the one and was selling the other two.I think it was £14 or maybe less. It was brand new though. They aren’t easy to find in the UK. I’ve been after one for a while. Next I’m looking for one of the mics that Roland announced for the Micro BR, but I haven’t found one that’s cheap enough as yet.


  2. What is the MicroBR? Is it a mixer of some sort? Are there on board effects for compression/limiting? If so, I think I should get one…assuming the price isn’t too bad…


  3. The Micro BR is a portable 4 track. Not much bigger than an average PDA.Yes, it has lots of onboard effects plus a drum machine too. It runs off 2 AA batteries and saves to an SD card. It is made by Roland. Worth looking into.


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