True Chip on Pixelh8

I never knew he was so well connected. Interesting stuff over at True Chip.

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More on possible Apple sub/mini notebook

The Apple blog has an interesting take on the continued rumours about an Apple sub/mini notebook.

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Fireworks video

Here’s another little video I made. The clips are from fireworks in November. The music was made using Bhajis Loops. It takes a little while to get going but I hope you’ll find it worthwhile.

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What are you listening through?

For ages now I’ve been using a pair of Sennheiser PX100 headphones, and they’ve been fine. In fact, I am sure it was someone over at the Garden who suggested them. Anyway, I’ve just been given a pair of PX200’s as a present. Very good headphones, but very different from the PX100’s, and they are taking a while to get used to.

So, what are you listening through, and what have you found that works best?

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Boss MicroBR case

I forgot to mention when I posted my Mixtikl example, that I recorded it using my Boss Micro BR, and I thought I’d add that I got this case for it the other day which works really well.

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