Cases are always a big issue for me. I still don’t have a case I really like for my Axim, I’ve just stuck with the one it came with. I can never seem to find anything that really works in every way I want it to. Like, speed of being able to get the device out of the case against how protected it is in the case against what other ‘stuff’ you can keep in the case that needs to go with the device.

There never seems to be the right combination of all the factors so I just give up. In fact my Treo 650 is all scratched up because I could never find a case that I liked for it.

Is it just me, or do other people have the same problem? Anyone found any brilliant cases or suppliers that they want to share? I you have please let me know.

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  1. My Loox has had a Proporta Alu-Leather flip case since new. The case still looks like new and the Loox has been well protected in it. I even still use the little velcro credit card wallet as my main wallet, even though the Loox stays at home these days.I really liked the extra SD card holders (this is from the days of 128-512mb SD cards remember) and the detachable belt clip.Of course I hated the extra bulk, especially as the Loox was so slender to begin with.There is an old review of it here:

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