More live iPhone Music

Here’s another band how’s taking the ‘iPhone only’ approach.

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  1. I was extremely skeptical, but their performance was pretty good. If they hadn’t looked so serious and nervous, it might have been even better. The setting did not seem very conducive to having fun.Still, I don’t think we are going to see a bunch of iPhone-only performers making it big. We will see iPhones on keyboard stands and in the hands of other musicians as auxiliary tools, though.Anyway, we need a midi interface for iPhones so we can tape them to our keytars and play them.


  2. I agree. I don’t think that we’ll see a big iphone band, although Trio did have a hit with the VL-Tone.The only thing it does do is to raise the profile of iphone music and maybe handheld music too.


  3. Funny, I just stumbled upon this video yesterday by myself looking for iphone-only performances for inspiration, trying at the moment to get some people enthused to gather for an iPhone-band. Even though it will be much more noisewise then this peculiar performance.Already a year ago some guys started this iBand which is also to be found on Youtube. And in their first video there is also a DS with a very cool music-game called Electroplankton (of which maybe you heard about before, I didn’t). 🙂Video iBand:


  4. I’ve seen iBand and I’m sure there was an Elecktroplankton orchestra too. Try searching Palm Sounds for it as I’m sure I had a video of it that’s worth watching.Best of luck with your iPhone band. Please send me pictures and video etc when you get it going.


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