Concretedog Videos

I really liked this EP, and the videos are excellent.
Concretedog Bifurcation, Until Forever EP track1 from concretedog on Vimeo.
Concretedog Salient Otto, Until Forever EP track 2 from concretedog on Vimeo.
Concretedog Until Forever, Until Forever EP track 3 from concretedog on Vimeo.

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Gameboy Pro mod

Thanks to Concretedog for pointing me at this site which shows you how to mod your Gameboy.

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Mixtikl in the morning

For a few weeks now I’ve been using Mixtikl in the morning on the train. My journey on the train is less than 10 minutes, so it is a real struggle to get anything done, but I’ve found Mixtikl very effective is small timeframes.

One of the things I’ve noticed with Mixtikl is how it has changed my music making. Mixtikl is about mixing, and that makes life easier in one sense as you have to pick what you work with rather than starting from scratch. But, it also makes you think in different direction about how you use loops and make them work in the way you want.

I’ve found Mixtikl very handy for my short journeys, and I hope to be able to share some of my output soon.

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How did you hear about Palm Sounds?

I’m interested to know how and where people hear about Palm Sounds? If you can spare a minute, just comment in a brief note of where / how you first heard about Palm Sounds.


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Loopy site update

The “loopy” site has been updated, and the product description now reads as follows:

A studio in your palm

Breaking new ground in hand-held music technology, Loopy is a sophisticated loop-based musical scratchpad and performance instrument. It’s also an easy to use, beautiful yet powerful recording studio. No musical ability required!

It is a good site update although I don’t think that the product has been updated. Also there’s a good tutorial and video too.

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I was interested in Robman84’s Loox 720 from a comment he made about it concerning connecting it directly to a Boss Micro BR.

The Loox has the wonderful (and sadly rare) feature of supporting USB host. So you can plug anything USB into the bottom connector (like a dock connector – I’ve got a 3rd party one with female USB hanging off it). Things like USB memory sticks, hard drives and game pads seem to work fine. The Micro BR just appears as a “hard disk” in Explorer (I actually use Total Commander though). I can then copy the tracks off really quickly without having to dismantle the BR to get the memory card out! Obviously you have to export the tracks as WAV files in the BR first. But then it’s straight into MeTeoR for multi-track goodness. So far no multi-track apps on the iPod have tickled my fancy enough to explore using FTP or similar to get stuff on there.

As Robman says, this is a really rare feature and I’ve not heard of it elsewhere.

I’d be interested to know if anyone is aware of other devices (PPC or otherwise) that work in this way.

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More live iPhone Music

Here’s another band how’s taking the ‘iPhone only’ approach.

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