Trippy H pictures

Here are the pictures of the £5 Gameboy pocket and camera cart as promised.

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  1. You can pull the pictures off the GB Camera with a GB flash cart programmer. There is a utility that dumps the contents of the GB Camera memory to your computer, then another splits up the pictures into BMP files.You can also print the pictures if you have the GB Printer…tom


  2. I thought mine was cheap!! £5 is great and love the see through GB pocket. I’ll probably try and do the “prosound” mod on mine so I can get a decent line out to sample some of the sounds off trippy…I keep eyeing up lsdj carts and nanoloop carts on ebay when they come up but man they’re expensive.


  3. Thanks Tom for the tips on the GB flash cart.Concretedog, can you tell me more about the ‘prosound’ mod?I know what you mean about the nanoloop carts and lsdj carts, but if I get the bug I might be tempted.


  4. Yep, the pro sound mod is a way of adding an extra line out socket that bypasses some of the electronics the headphone output is routed through and is reported to give a louder cleaner signal out. (My GB pocket has lots of hipitched squeals and lo down hum going on if I plug it into my pc)There is a tutorial for the prosound mod on this page have to scroll down a bit.I’ve also heard of a cartridge adapter that allows you to put gameboy carts into a SNES..people used to use these to plug their GB camera carts into a snes and then into a video recorder to record animations could use this for audio recordings to i guess.


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