Better App Management?

I have complained about the way applications are organised in the iPhone on a couple of occasions. I saw this post on TUAW and watched the video. I think the idea goes part way, but not far enough. I really do prefer the old Palm categories for apps, I think it worked really well. Apple have got to do something about this as their interface didn’t consider the number of apps that people would want to have on their devices.

Anyway, rant over (for now).

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  1. it is terrible at the moment. I have 180 odd apps that I do use but that is too many to display so some vanish as it can only show 160. Thanks apple- “think different” indeed! for jailbroken devices there is a perfect solution called Categories which puts everything into folders so I could have just one screen with 6 folders and maybe a few essential apps for instant access. Sadly that’s only for jailbroken devices though and not official.


  2. I just hope that they do something about it soon as I think it is just a mess at the moment, and when they come up a solution I’m hoping it will really go beyond just fixing the problem.


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