Better App Management?

I have complained about the way applications are organised in the iPhone on a couple of occasions. I saw this post on TUAW and watched the video. I think the idea goes part way, but not far enough. I really do prefer the old Palm categories for apps, I think it worked really well. Apple have got to do something about this as their interface didn’t consider the number of apps that people would want to have on their devices.

Anyway, rant over (for now).

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What we’d like to see in Bebot

Following on from the comments on the last post on Bebot I think it is fair to say there’s a list of things that it could benefit from:

1. Save settings. This would make it much more useful so you could have multiple settings to recall.
2. Record (and overdub)
3. Export to .wav?
4. Hide the bot (optional maybe).

Anymore you can think of?

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Mac OS 7 on an iPhone

Emulate, emulate emulate …

I really like emulators. I don’t know why. Here’s a project to try and put Mac OS 7 on an iPhone. Why, I don’t know, and I doubt you could do much with it musically.

I did get OS7 running on my Axim at one point, and whilst it was interesting I couldn’t do anything useful with it. Perhaps these guys will have more luck although I doubt they’ll get it past the app store.

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I had missed this app coming out, and I’m sure it is very good indeed, but I doubt that I will be buying it, as at £99.99 it is a little out of my league.

XA1 available on the iTunes App Store

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Trippy H pictures

Here are the pictures of the £5 Gameboy pocket and camera cart as promised.

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Sunvox on my Axim

I’ve been using Sunvox on my Axim and I’ve been really impressed with how it responds on the Axim. I think I’m getting used to how Sunvox works, although the tracker interface is still something I struggle with.

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