Thoughts on Bebot

I mentioned Bebot a while back and never got around to giving you a bit more information about it. In many ways Bebot is a lot like other theremin-esque (is that a word?) apps available on the app store. However, as a number of people have pointed out, there is more to this app than meets the eye. It is in fact quite deceptively versatile.

The app does give you a small amount of control over sound and waveform, together with the scale and a couple of effects, all of which helps a lot. However, the really impressive thing for me was the number of touches it would accept. Four simultaneous notes was really good.

I’d like to see some accelerometer functionality in the app, and maybe a record function too. But it is good as it stands.

Bebot available on the iTune AppStore

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  1. Gotta say, Bebot is my current favourite time killer. I’ll try to record some fiddling with it at some point, but suffice to say once you get used to setting up your own patches and using the scale features it becomes masterful. Then you exit the app and lose the bloomin’ lot…I’ve actually started writing down the settings for some patches on a piece of paper! How retro is that!! Maybe it should ship with a PDF patch sheet you can print out :o)


  2. I absolutely love Bebot, use it all the time for live performance, are there any apps for iPod Touch 3G that are similar and sound just as fat? My second favourite is ThumbJam.


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