Kaossilator and iShred

I was jamming with a friend the other day, he was a using a kaosillator, and I was mucking about on my iTouch. It struck me just how many music apps I have for the Touch, and how many can be used for jamming / performing.

I did a bit with Bebot, and a few other apps, but iShred was really useful for jamming and noodling about. I can’t recommend it more.

I just wish I’d taken some pictures or recorded the audio, or videod any of it, but I never thought of it in time. Never mind.

iShred available at the iTunes App Store

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  1. iShred gives me chills every time I fire it up. I sat in a park today, whilst my kids played, and just jammed with iShred. Before I knew it I’d played an entire gig in my head and was still up for more. Just amazing. Coupled with Bassist and DigiDrummer I’m an unstoppable tour de force of rock. Or something. But to be fair, there’s still a huge gap for the “glue” to tie all this together inside the iPhone. Obviously you can record your tracks into the Micro BR (or directly into MeTeoR) but how cool if every app somehow allowed sharing of audio streams (or even just a shared folder for WAV exports would be a start).


  2. I know what you mean about the ‘shared folder’. Lots of developers have moaned about Apple’s sandbox restriction.You’re right, even a shared folder would be a start. Maybe we’ll see something in iPhone OS 3.0, who knows?


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