Thoughts about Looptastic

I had a bit of time today and went through all the tracks and loops in this app. There are some really nice loops here. What would be nice is to be able to use whichever loops you wanted all mixed up together. A save option and an export / record option would be nice too.

This app reminded me a lot of Surface DJ Lite, but this app has that nice filter function which makes it stand out. I think that Looptastic could be even more amazing, maybe with a bit more flexibility in which loops you use and the maximum number of loops etc. It could do with recording and making your own songs too.

I hope the developer updates it. I hope it goes on to bigger things.

Looptastic Electro Edition available at the iTunes App Store

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Musique non talent on the iVoicePro

Musique non talent has a post on the iVoicePro hardware mic for the iPod Touch.

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Psyclops video

I watched this and had to post it. I don’t think I’ll be buying this anytime soon, but it is an interesting concept.

Psyclops for iPhone available on the iTunes App Store

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Did anyone go to the Kinetica Art Fair?

I posted about the Kinetica Art Fair that was on today (Sunday 1/3/09). Did anyone get along? I’d be interested to know how it went.

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Arduino & Max/MSP

Here’s an interesting post on the {Sound + Design} blog on how to use Max/MSP with an Arduino.

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Velocipede’s thoughts on Noise IO

velocipede commented this on my post about Noise IO Pro this morning. I understand and agree with this. Sometimes interfaces make you work in ways that don’t fit with you and that can cause you to find it difficult to work with an application and use it to it’s full potential. Here’s what he said…

I was spending some time with Noise IO Pro last night after letting it sit on my Touch for about a month.

I spent a lot of time making a patch and trying to figure it all out. I am impressed by the power and sound it has and the configurable XY screen.

At the end, though, I started to wish that I could patch up on my Mac and just use the Touch version to play it. To make a patch, Noise IO demands more commitment than I have when I am using my Touch because of all the pages. I am going to spend more time with the presets in the future.

I hope that the record function is improved in a future update. I can certainly imagine using it to send riffs to Beatmaker.

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Follower thing …

For ages now I’ve noticed this thing in my blogger dashboard called “followers“. If you have a blogger account you can follow a blog directly within blogger. I’ve added the “follower” widget to the sidebar of the blog so if you want to use please go ahead.

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Thoughts on Bebot

I mentioned Bebot a while back and never got around to giving you a bit more information about it. In many ways Bebot is a lot like other theremin-esque (is that a word?) apps available on the app store. However, as a number of people have pointed out, there is more to this app than meets the eye. It is in fact quite deceptively versatile.

The app does give you a small amount of control over sound and waveform, together with the scale and a couple of effects, all of which helps a lot. However, the really impressive thing for me was the number of touches it would accept. Four simultaneous notes was really good.

I’d like to see some accelerometer functionality in the app, and maybe a record function too. But it is good as it stands.

Bebot available on the iTune AppStore

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Kaossilator and iShred

I was jamming with a friend the other day, he was a using a kaosillator, and I was mucking about on my iTouch. It struck me just how many music apps I have for the Touch, and how many can be used for jamming / performing.

I did a bit with Bebot, and a few other apps, but iShred was really useful for jamming and noodling about. I can’t recommend it more.

I just wish I’d taken some pictures or recorded the audio, or videod any of it, but I never thought of it in time. Never mind.

iShred available at the iTunes App Store

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Some work in progress

I thought you might be interested in some of the stuff I am (very slowly) working on. I always seem to have loads of half finished, or started off ideas lying around all over the place. Anyway, I hope you like this, it is of course, not finished.

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