I’d be interested in any developer reactions to this.

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  1. It was a very simple intro to building a webOS application…they demonstrated the basic structure of a stage with multiple scenes and assistants, and even threw in a UI widget.You can find an HD version of the webcast that’s actually readable here:< HREF="http://www.weboshelp.net/getting-started-with-webos/181-palm-webos-developer-webcast-with-mitch-allen-in-full-high-resolution" REL="nofollow">HD Webcast<>If you don’t feel like sitting through an hour’s worth of video, we’ve summarized the tutorial here:< HREF="http://www.weboshelp.net/getting-started-with-webos/194-first-official-webos-mojo-sdk-tutorial-from-palm-redux" REL="nofollow">Webcast Tutorial<>

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