Mixtikl and complex FX networks

Yesterday I was meant to meet someone in the pub but I was early. Guess what I did? Correct, I made some more time to play with Mixtikl, and create some interesting effects networks.

I am amazed by what you can do with just Mtxtikl and the Partikl FX editor. It is really cool.

I’ve been messing around with using chorus reverb and delay together. The great thing about the FX editor is that you can choose what order the FX are processed in and you can go down into a very low level of detail.

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iShred update

iShred has been updated. The latest version has a new feature called ‘Air Play’ which allows users to share and rate each others songs from anywhere in the world.

In addition, you can now use up to 4 stomp boxes + the amp simulator at the same time.

iShred available at the iTunes App Store

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Dataviz App Shop

Another company offering an ‘app store’ type approach. This time Dataviz have creatred their App Shop, (as opposed to store) which covers a variety of platforms.

However, to start off with they are offering 15% off using the coupon code ‘SECRET‘ up until the 28th of Feb.

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Musique non talent

I just spotted that Robman84 has started his own blog. Excellent!

I’ve just been reading your stuff, and I agree, finding time to do all the things you want to is my biggest problem too.

Keep up the writing Robman84.

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NanoPad (via Robman84)

Here’s a mini-review of the NanoPad from Robman84:

Well, the nanopad is fantastic and such good value. I’ve got it pretty much permanently dedicated to Virtual DJ at the moment. It sits in front of my mixer and I’ve set it so you use two pads to cycle up and down the effects then as soon as you press the XY pad the effect is triggered and the parameters are controlled by the XY pad, with the remaining buttons mapped to the effect buttons for the selected effect.

The obvious main use for this is things like triggering and modifying a low pass filter as well as an autocut, flanger and delay. I suppose in one sense a poor man’s Kaoss pad, but in another sense, a more flexible Kaoss pad!

I tried hooking it up to the Loox 720 to see if it would act as an HID compliant device. Whilst the Loox recognised it, I couldn’t fudge any drivers to make it install.

It is also a fun device for bashing out drum beats although the flam and drum roll options are a bit gimmicky IMHO. I’ve configured it to work with DR008 as a VSTi and it is really rather nice.

I was interested that the Loox 720 recognised the nanopad but couldn’t use it. That’s a shame as it would be so cool to be able to use hardware like this with software like Griff, MeTeoR, Mixtikl etc.

If anyone knows of ways to do this please do get in touch and share your experience.

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