Today’s experimentation with Mixtikl was centered around FX. The FX app in the Mixtikl suite is called Partikl. Partikl lets you build complex combinations of FX and change their parameters at a very detailed level.

To be honest, this is something quite unique in terms of mobile apps. Today I played with using a delay followed by a reverb on a drum track. I added a chorus after the reverb and by changing a few controls I got a really interesting sound out the FX.

Of course, you can do this on each channel of your mix, but I’d expect that this might take a lot of CPU if you did it.

Hopefully more Partikl experiments tomorrow, and I plan to get a short video together of Partikl in action to show what I mean.

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  1. Hi Ashley,Don’t forget that you can set-up any number of control-rate LFOs to modulate various parameters on your signal rate units! 🙂Also: when using Partikl to create Synth sounds for MIDI channels, you have gain access to various tone generator units and control-rate envelopes that can be used for modulation. Oh, and you can also use additive synthesis, by using signal-rate junctions to add-together the output from more than one tone generator unit.Hoping this info helps!Pete


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