Pierre is making …

I had to share this comment from Pierre:

Thanks to the recent discovery of your blog, I’ve just begun using an older Ipaq to create music. I currently own an Ipaq 3835, which given it’s limited processor, works remarkably well. The OS is PPC 2002.

Thanks to your coverage, I’ve purchased Griff and downloaded Syntrax. I also have been playing with demos of Audio Box and Pocket Jam.

For years, I considered buying one of Yamaha’s QY pocket devices. While they seemed very capable, the size and weight seemed to be a bit too much hassle. Also, I don’t have a Midi interface on my PC so connectivity was an issue as well.

Imagine my surprise when I found that older pocket PCs could be purchased for very little money and the software was of very high quality and affordable too! I can’t thank you enough for bringing these devices to my attention.

Once I come to terms with all my new toys, I’ll gladly share.


Thanks for that comment Pierre, that made my day, and, very cool blog indeed. Feel free to share your creations anytime.

I had been thinking about doing another set of videos on using older PPCs with apps like Griff, PocketJam, Phoenix Studio etc, and your comment made me decide that I really ought to do it. Thanks.

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  1. I really believe this is a great way to get mobile music making on the cheap. We tried partnering up with a cheap pocketpc vendor and offering packages of Griff/Ipaqs etc. It would be pretty simple for someone to offer a really good ‘music making’ machine that just happened to be a pocketpc.


  2. Reselling old pocket pc’s with Griff or some other software preinstalled is a great idea! Interestingly, it’s not just music software that has made a big impression on me. Being a Photoshop fan, I discovered how lovely it is to have Pocket Artist 3 on my Ipaq. It doesn’t have all the functionality of Photoshop but it comes awfully close. I find having a portable “sketchbook” and “musical sketchpad” always hand to be wonderfully liberating!


  3. Pierre’s story seems like mine! I’have been playng (real) electronic gear since early ’80s, then Cubase 1 on ’87 (the pc was a 386! only midi, but using a sound canvas pcmcia), and later hundreds of VSTis…finally I bought an IPAQ for a few euros (40). Thanks to Griff+Syntrax+Milkytracker, I succeeded in playing my music in the real world, and not, as always before, in my aseptic studio. Your reviews, your blog, definitely focused my attention on mobile music… During the last 2 years I have been experimenting many of that solutions (PMA-5, palm/bahjis, wm5/meteor, sunvox, kaossilator, korg ds-10 and other homebrew soft etc.)! If you visit my blog (written in italian), you’ll find the same gear/software that you’ve treated in your Palm Sounds…


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