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Resonance Benefit Gala: Sunday 15th Feb

I only got this today. Apologies if you’ve had this from a variety of other sources already:

Resonance Benefit Gala, Sunday 15 February, 4pm to 11pm
The Grosvenor, 17 Sidney Road, Stockwell SW9 (three minutes from Stockwell tube)

Support “London’s best radio station” (The Guardian) at Club Integral’s All-Day Benefit Gala for Resonance FM, featuring music from an dazzling array of talent: Tetine (Soul Jazz Records), Jowe Head & The Demi-Monde (ex-Swell Maps), Proxy Music, Oscillatorial Binnage, The Temperatures, Superstrings, Steve Greekshire, Raagnagrok, No Frills Band, Frank Bangay & the Topsy Turvy Band. Plus vegan grub,
visuals by Rucksack Cinema and DJ Chris Cornetto.

TETINE: “Off-kilter, mutated funk, electro and sound manipulation…
an absolute treat” Plan B
JOWE HEAD AND THE DEMI-MONDE: “Eccentric mutant rock” Time Out
THE TEMPERATURES: “My favourite new band” Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth)
SUPERSTRINGS: “Glorying in the destruction of improvised rock” The Wire
PROXY MUSIC: “A classic covers band – totally in keeping with the original spirit of Roxy” PunkjunkieTV.com
NO FRILLS BAND: “Fantastic, rabble rousing urban tunes!” Urban 75.com
OSCILLATORIAL BINNAGE: “Masters of neo-primitivistic electro-acoustic
art” Leonardo Music Journal
STEVE GREEKSHIRE: “Favoured folk punk troudabour of the credit crunch
in-crowd” Financial Times
FRANK BANGAY AND THE TOPSY-TURVY BAND: “Free-wheeling balladry from
the poet laureate of Hackney” Hackney Gazette

ADMISSION FIVE POUNDS: all takings go to support Resonance FM.

Donations above this amount welcome.

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0 comments on “Innerpartysystem live at Apple Store Regent Street”

Innerpartysystem live at Apple Store Regent Street

This video of innerpartysystem at the Apple store Regent Street has the singer explain some of the iphone apps being used live at the beginning of the video.

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TUAW on Livespeakr

I don’t normally do speaker reviews, so this is a bit of an exception really. I think this one is more relevant as it is really a mobile speaker review. Anyway, TUAW have reviewed these speakers quite favourably. They still seem a bit pricey to me at $99.

I’d be interested to know anyone else’s experience with similar small portable speaker systems, as I’ve never had too much luck with these things.

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2 comments on “OT: Korg MS-10 pictures”

OT: Korg MS-10 pictures

I found these pictures of a Korg MS-10 at matrixsynth-B, and it made me realise how faithful the DS-10 was to the original synth.

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2 comments on “Colossus Synth and Sequencer unboxing”

Colossus Synth and Sequencer unboxing

My Colossus Synth and Sequencer kit arrived today, so I thought I’d post some pictures of the contents.

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4 comments on “PalmInfocenter: No more Palm OS products”

PalmInfocenter: No more Palm OS products

A few places have picked this story up, and it is no surprise at all. Palm are dropping their original OS (Garnet) in favour of webOS, which is the OS that will run on the Palm Pre when it is released.

We all expected, but a sad day nonetheless.

What I would be interested in is what reaction there is to this news (if you can really call it that) from the developer community.

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2 comments on “PSPSeq dev interview on True Chip”

PSPSeq dev interview on True Chip

The True Chip blog has an interesting interview with PSPSeq developer Ethan Bordeaux.

Looking forward to part 2.

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0 comments on “20,000 app on the store”

20,000 app on the store

Following our recent debate on how ‘normal’ iphone music apps were the number of apps (not just music apps) has topped 20,000. Of course, you might not consider all of them to be worthwhile …

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2 comments on “Madplayer on eBay – 1 day left”

Madplayer on eBay – 1 day left

Only one day left to go on this MadPlayer on eBay.

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0 comments on “New Concretedog EP: "Until Forever"”

New Concretedog EP: "Until Forever"

Concretedog has a new release out called Until Forever released on the Warmdata label.

It only arrived today so I haven’t had a chance to listen to it as yet, but as soon as I have I’ll give it a review.

Best of all it came with a Concretedog badge!

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