3 comments on “True Chip on Nanoloop 1.5”

True Chip on Nanoloop 1.5

The True Chip til death blog posts on the Nanoloop 1.5 demo rom being available online.

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2 comments on “Acer Aspire One Hackintosh Running Mac OS X and Reason 4”

Acer Aspire One Hackintosh Running Mac OS X and Reason 4

Thanks to the anonymous poster who pointed me at this video. Maybe I should pay a bit more attention to these type of devices?

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0 comments on “iziBasic and viziBasic files now available”

iziBasic and viziBasic files now available

I have placed the files used in the two videos (1) (2) showing iziBasic
icon in the Palm Sounds Group. The files should be copied into the main memory of your OS5 Palm device and not onto a card as they can’t run from there.

Any problems or questions please let me know.

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0 comments on “DGOS update”

DGOS update

The DGOS blog has been updated so at least things are moving along with this new OS for Palm hardware.

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0 comments on “PocketGear bring WinMo App Store”

PocketGear bring WinMo App Store

I’m sure a few of you got an email today from PocketGear about their new Windows Mobile App Store. I haven’t tried it and expect it will take a while for me to get around to it, but if you have given it a try and would like to share your views please let me know at the usual email address.

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2 comments on “Computer Music Issue 136”

Computer Music Issue 136

The latest issue of Computer Music (136) has a feature entitled “The Burning Question: Can I make music on a netbook?“, I don’t what it covers, but it sounds interesting. If I can I’ll get myself a copy and let you know.

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0 comments on “Mini VL Tone update”

Mini VL Tone update

Mini VL Tone has been updated. Not a huge update and none of the previously ‘missing’ features have been added, but they’ve improved the keyboard response and added an ‘activity indicator’ when changing instruments.

MiniVLTone available on the iTunes App Store

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0 comments on “pOSCa (via Synthtopia)”

pOSCa (via Synthtopia)

This was posted to Synthtopia yesterday.

pOSCa is an Open Sound Control compliant controller for audio and multimedia software such as Ableton Live, Reaktor, Plogue Bidule, Traktor, Max/MSP/Jitter, Pure Data and OSCulator.

Using the controller from the iPhone allows the electronics music performer to get up from behind the laptop and interact with his audience. pOSCa sports a nice dial, up/down and left/right buttons and ten programmable buttons. Programming the buttons is easy: just select a button and set a value with the dial, then you can set another button to another value. When you hit the first button again, the dial will spin in place and give the desired value. This allows for easy pre-programming up to the performance and quick interactivity.

In order to have no surprises in concert, the settings are kept in the iPhone/iPod’s Settings area. Be sure to set the settings to interact with your audio software.

Here you can set your computers IP address and what UDP port your software is listening to. You can also set a name for the device so that you can have multiple devices controlling the same synth without causing confusion. Also you can set default min and max values. These are by default set to max and min for MIDI as many of the synth come from a MIDI heritage, but they can be set to anything you want.

pOSCa works best using WiFi and works equally well on the iPhone and iPod touch, although when using it in concert you might want to turn off the phone functionality first.

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