Is the iPhone music app scene too ‘normal’ ?

Here’s part of a comment on my 303 comparison post:

Sorry for the rant, but Apple stuff used to be the platform for those cutting edge wares- remember Cellsynth, Metasynth, Supercollider etc etc..? Er, Logic?! 🙂 So whatthappened guys? Why does the iPhone music app scene have to be so ‘normal’?

In some ways I can agree with the sentiment. However, I think there have been some interesting development, like Noise IO Pro, like SynthPond, and recently like iShred.

I do agree that it could be even more innovative, but I also think it is a very young market and we’ve only just begun to see the innovation appear. The app store isn’t even 12 months old yet, so let’s give it a bit of time?

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  1. The big problem right now IMO is that the Apple SDK terms are very restrictive. And, it is difficult to get user data on/off the devices. If Apple can loosen this up, things might get more interesting. 🙂Pete


  2. I really can’t agree. Apps like Orthovox, Soniclife, Cowbell Plus, Endless OSC controllers, Theremin etc. etc. Some excellent use of the unique features of mobile devices – accelerometer, multi-touch, mobility etc.


  3. I think that the hardware and software will continue to evolve over time and developers will innovate and find ways around the restrictions.In time Apple will relax the barriers currently in place and make more of the private APIs available.


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