Digital Bass Line for iPhone

Thanks to Robman84 for pointing me in the direction of Digital Bass Line a 303 simulator from the developers that brought us BtBx and Android talker. Looks really good. Here’s what the developer’s site says:

Armed with the passion to bring to life a virtual 303, we have gone to great lengths to recreate the ultimate acid machine. We used our very own vintage 303 as reference, running the machine through a battery of feature specific tests to better understand and emulate in our application. What we discovered is that the 303 is not just another subtractive monosynth as some may claim and we believe that our emulation captures it’s true essence.

Not only does DB-303 give you a full featured analogue synthesizer, it also gives you two versatile effects stomp boxes to bring more life to your bass lines.

Digital Bass Line is available at the iTunes App Store

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Randgrid 1.0.1 update

Randgrid has been updated to version 1.0.1 with some enhancements and bug fixes:

– Mute and solo groups
– Highlighting of parts and patterns with content
– Global knob sensitivity setting

Randgrid available at the iTunes App Store

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What does CrunchPad mean?

Let me start by saying that this post isn’t about the CrunchPad, it is about what devices like the CrunchPad and the Pandora mean for hardware development. When users take a lead on a project and get the features and functionality they really want and need then you end up with a powerful product.

I’ve often wondered if you could achieve something similar for a bespoke portable handheld music device. I’m not sure there’d be enough interest though, but maybe it would be fun to design it, or talk about what it should be capable of.

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What will iPhone OS 3.0 bring?

There have been a few rumours about Apple’s v 3 of their iPhone OS. Here’s what I’d like to see …

  • Some proper kind of categorisation for apps
  • A common area or file system for files (like WAV and MIDI files) so audio apps can share data more easily
  • Support for external hardware like mics

I’d also like Apple to sort out a few things, but to start with emulation would be a good first step.

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FantaStick minimalist controller for iPhone

Here’s another controller for the iPhone platform. This one is designed to work specifically with Max/MSP or Pure Data, so not for the feint hearted.

Instead of a limited set of builtin-widgets, the interface-logic resides in Max/MSP (or your software of choice) and only drawing commands are sent to the device. This leads to interfaces that work exactly the way you want – and look gorgeously minimalistic, too!

  • Minimalistic, fullscreen control area with nothing on it but what you provide.
  • Multitouch-events on the device are forwarded to your host via UDP. Information includes the touch state (begin, move, end) and coordinates.
  • Designed for no-hassle: zero-click startup, the device does not sleep or suspend network, flicker- and lag-free. 
  • Displaying images (fetched with URLs) and caching them locally for use on non-networked locations.
  • Basic drawing with lines, boxes and text.

FantaStick available at the iTunes App Store

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Tiny Circuit Bent Keyboard video

NICE. Where do they get these tiny toy keyboards then? I wish I knew.

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New things at Chordica

Chordica now has a forum where users can request song sheets and demos. Here’s an example of song that was requested by a user.

Chordica for iPhone available at the iTunes App Store

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