So, why so few Apple apps?

Now, it has been a while since Apple started their app store on iTunes, so how is it that Apple themselves have released so few? To date they only have produced a handful of apps, and nothing earth shattering at that.

I had expected something to come out of the new version of iLife, but even that has nothing to get excited about in it.

So, why haven’t they joined in? I can’t think of a good reason, especially when developers are bringing out innovative applications like Noise IO and beatmaker.

I had expected some version of Garageband or Logic maybe, especially given that Cubase have launched their own iPhone app, and iZotope brought the iDrum series to the platform.

I hope we see something out of them soon, it would be a shame if they did nothing.

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  1. I believe Apple is either short on iPhone internal developers or that Mobile OSX is in such rapid development that they’re shooting for an end goal to build new apps on. That would have to explain why there’s no copy/paste or video camera apps and a host of other software that’s common on other mobile platforms.I truly believe that once Snow Leopard hits the streets that the iPhone will have jaw-dropping apps that will astound and amaze the mobile community. Well, maybe less of a belief and more of a dream. Hehe.


  2. I think they are trying to focus on improving the iPhone itself and its apps before throwing down a bunch of new ones. If they released a bunch of iPhone apps, we’d all be bitching that they are doing that instead of focusing on an MMS app, or copy and paste, or a video recorder app….


  3. As the saying goes “Why do what others are willing to do for you?” With 5000+ apps, Apple can certainly focus on other issues requiring its resources.


  4. iPhone/iPod touch is a brand new platform. Apple does not want to piss off developers by competing with them so early in the game. Give them a head start and if there are any gapping holes, Apple will fill them if necessary. That’s what they did on the Mac platform.


  5. This has turned into an interesting debate. I hope that Apple do plug the gaps, and there are a few things that developers can’t achieve without Apple’s help, things like video capture and editing and getting around some of the restrictions that sandboxing creates.I guess we can only speculate if they’ll produce some serious apps themselves, but I still hope that they will, and at the least I hope they allow developers access to the camera for video.


  6. The way I see it is Apple wants the App store to build a vibrant iPhone developer community. So far they have succeeded very well. I don't think that Apple wants the App store to be dominated by Apple. As long as you see a thriving community of iPhone developers there is no need for Apple to come up with more than a few apps of their own which is to me a good thing. Contrast that with apps like Final Cut, iLife, iWorks for the Mac. Without apps like these, especially Final Cut & iLife, the Mac would have lost its relevance to consumers & died by now.


  7. I certainly agree that Apple should encourage a vibrant developer community, and I think it would be fair to say that they’ve already achieved that.I still think that there’s room for them to develop something like Final cut and iLife themselves. Whether they do or not is anyone’s guess.


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