That was then, what’s now?

Back in March 2006 this was my mobile studio. Quite simple and very portable.

Today, things aren’t too different. I still have the T3, but not the Zoom PS04, that’s been replaced by a Boss Micro BR which is much smaller.

However, the T3 is still very useful, even with an iPod Touch around, my T3 hangs in there. I think that the only way I’d even consider getting rid of it was if there was a really good Palm Garnet emulator for the iPhone OS.

I’d be interested in your stories of how your gear has changed over the last few years.

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  1. i’ll always have my T3 and TX, can’t imagine life without Bhajisif it does get ported, would it run identically? i’m guessing there’d be some compromises fitting an app written for one platform to another

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