Noise IO Pro 1.2.2 coming

Like many others I got an email from Noise IO. Here’s what’s coming:

1) Since version 1.2, Pro users can record and export their recordings into the excellent Intua’s Beatmaker ( ). Thus, users are able to create music instantly on the iPhone, without computer. This is the first time when two iPhone apps can be used together and exchange data.

2) .WAV output to PC/Mac is no longer a problem, via the built-in browser-based server. This whole system is called ioLibrary and we will also soon release a free utility app to work with the files in the library from the iPhone.

3) We’re working on the Midi-over-Wi-fi solution, will use time-proven iTouchMidi solution for these purposes ( ). When we finish, Pro will act and feel like a 21st century hardware synth đŸ™‚

4) Soon Pro 1.2.2 will be released, it will contain the new factory sound bank called “Impressive Vibes”. You can find the new bank and the instructions for downloading here:

Please, if you like Pro and have a couple of free minutes, leave us a review in the AppStore here:

It will help the development of Pro a lot. Thanks in advance!

You can visit for more information on the listed enhancements.

Noise IO Pro available at the iTunes App Store

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