iPhone Multitracks vs MeTeoR

I was thinking about MeTeoR for 4Pockets and how their multitrack for Windows Mobile compares against the three 4 track apps for the iPhone.

Well, for a start the iPhone ones only have 4 tracks, and MeTeoR has 12.

Check out the original post for MeTeoR and see what you think.

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  1. I tried out the demo of Meteor after I bought the excellent Pocket Stompbox. A major problem I have with it is you can’t hear what you are recording, unlike in Stompbox. I know the reasons for this after I emailed them (latency and CPU power to play back another track whilst you audition the one you’re recording). So for recording it isn’t what I was after. So instead I bought a Micro BR off ebay.Now, although the recording isn’t what I need, the editing is excellent, and I am kind of tempted to buy it for that – just transferring the WAV recordings from the Micro BR to my PDA using the SD card. However I’ve stopped myself so far for two reasons (or maybe 3). (1) I’ve spent all my money on the Micro BR. (2) £20 is a lot for a PPC app given that there are free alternatives for the PC. (3) Maybe the iphone/ipod will get an equally killer app that can FTP in WAV files from somewhere. Ok, and (4) my next expenditure simply HAS to be iShred by Frontier Designs – I am checking the appstore several times a day just waiting for it! I bought their Guitar (the best) Theramin (fun, could be better) and Cowbell Plus (a misnomer for a truly excellent percussion app) so I know what I’m in for. Sorry to go off topic there!

  2. MixxMobile shouldn’t be overlooked either. Although it doesnt allow realtime audio monitoring (like Meteor) it loads wav tracks MUCH faster and though not as precise as Meteor it’s cheaper and the you don’t have to jump around the interface as much to get things done.All in all a good little editor.http://www.clearec.com/MixxMobile.htm-jack

  3. Thanks J. I’d forgotten Mixxmobile to be honest, but you’re quite right that it is a good app.I’m surprised that Clearec haven’t released other products, but perhaps they do more in the OEM market.

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