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StudioApp for iPhone

Every now and then I go backwards in the app store to see if there are any apps I’ve missed, and invariably there are always a few. This one passed me by and at first it sounded interesting. The developer’s site says you can record up to 4 vocal tracks over an instrumental track running underneath and that there are lots of instrumental tracks to choose from.

Well it seems that isn’t wrong, the app size is 498mb, which has got to be the biggest app I’ve seen for the iphone / touch. As a result I won’t be trying this one out. If you do please let me know,

Studio App available on the iTunes App Store

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1 comment on “Pixitrack music and animation”

Pixitrack music and animation

I was mucking about with Pixilang and Pixitracker yesterday and I thought that I really should get some more Pixilang example files to play with. In searching for that I found this site and the above video.

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0 comments on “Something new from Amidio”

Something new from Amidio

Well, the clever people from Amidio have got a new app that they are about to send off to Apple. Of course, they’re not going to give away too much at this stage, but I bet it will be excellent.

The other part of their news is that their game is still with Apple (for over a month) for approval, which is bizarre.

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Back to Bhajis

Sometimes you need to go back to where you started (or near there anyway) to remember just how good things can be. I’ve been going back to Bhajis Loops again and picking up some of my old and largely unfinished work. It amazes me that an app that hasn’t been updated for such a long time is still so good and so usable.

I wish that Olivier would port it over to the iPhone platform, but I strongly doubt that he will, but wouldn’t it be great?

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0 comments on “True Chip news”

True Chip news

A couple of updates from the True Chip blog. Firstly an update on Little GP tracker, and secondly a ‘weekend of lessons’, which sounds very interesting.

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3 comments on “Musicians Tools on the DP-004, 30 years after the Portastudio”

Musicians Tools on the DP-004, 30 years after the Portastudio

Musician’s Tools has a great post on the Tascam DP004, released 30 years after the first portastudio. Was it really that long ago? It seems like only yesterday that my old Fostex X-15 finally gave up.

I am quite tempted by the Tascam DP004 even though I’ve been making more use of my Boss Micro BR.

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1 comment on “Developer webcast for webOS”

Developer webcast for webOS

I’d be interested in any developer reactions to this.

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0 comments on “Updated title”

Updated title

I thought it might be helpful to update the blog title. Now in the subtitle are links not only to the site and the google group, but also to the main categories / labels on the blog. I hope you find this useful.

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Chordica update

An update on Chordica from Joash Chee:

A significant update to Chordica has just been submitted to the App Store and I would like to share with you the changes made.

The most important update is C-LAUNCH, a new FastLoader for Chordica that works with even less memory and has been optimized for stability. The crashing and freezing that 1.0 users experience is a thing of the past now.

C-LAUNCH also adds the ability to exit from the Play mode back to the new Control Centre.

The Chordica Professional Rack Control Centre is a new way to interface with the growing number of options and features found in Chordica. It has been completely redesigned from ground-up to be functional and slick at the same time.

New to the rack is MET1K (pronounced Meh-Tick as in auto’matic’). This rack adds a built-in metronome function to the Play mode and can even be set to a mono channel (left or right) so that the Chordica instrument can be recorded cleanly from the other channel even while MET1K is active.

For more details on the new racks, do go to http://www.chordica.com/Manual.html

A video has been recorded to show the highlights of Chordica 1.1, including the live metronome. You can view it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHpFxs2tAU0

So as not to waste the promo codes issued with Chordica 1.0, I’m pasting some codes here for grabs. I hope people have a fun time with Chordica and do be sure to check out the Chordica Revolution YouTube Channel for more tips on how to play with this musical instrument.

YouTube Channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/ChordicaRevolution
Main website : http://www.chordica.com

Chordica for iPhone available at the iTunes App Store

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0 comments on “iLounge on 8 new iphone photography apps”

iLounge on 8 new iphone photography apps

iLounge has a post on 8 new iPhone photography apps. I’ve used one or two photography apps but I haven’t seen any of the newer apps, so I found this quite useful.

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