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MMW Catalogue: soundFishing

Back in November I wrote about the Mobile Music Workshop catalogue that was published at the end of last year. I said in November that I might write about some of the projects and papers in the catalogue, and I’m just getting around to it.

One that caught my eye was called ‘soundFishing’. Basically the concept is similar to taking pictures whilst travelling (something I enjoy a lot), but instead of images you capture sounds. I like this idea. I used to take time to record snippets of sounds when out and about to put into recordings, or to make whole pieces from, but the idea of having a device that would pick these up based on a series of criteria is a different idea altogether.

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4 comments on “Pacemaker as DJ evolution …”

Pacemaker as DJ evolution …

Pacemaker DJ has a big feature from mixmag on the evolution of DJ gear.

I just can’t wait to see what the price of the new 2.0 device is going to be.

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Noise IO and Beatmaker integration

I managed to try this out for myself last night. In many ways I really did expect it to fail somehow, but it didn’t at all. I recorded a small segment in Noise IO Pro and then went off into Beatmaker and imported it to a pad. It was really straightforward.

This functionality really opens up the doors to doing more interesting things with sounds and sequences in Beatmaker, and if other developers can make their sounds / recordings available to beatmaker for import then things could get really interesting.

If you’ve been using this import and have experiences you want to share, please comment them in here.

Noise IO Pro available at the iTunes App Store

BeatMaker at the iTunes App Store

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3 comments on “Tapestri for iPhone”

Tapestri for iPhone

I posted about Tapestri a few days ago, and now it has turned up on the app store.

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0 comments on “StageFeaver for iPhone”

StageFeaver for iPhone

Here’s another new iPhone app. This seems to be some kind of effects box for iPhone. StageFeaver looks quite interesting, and reminds me of Pocket Stompbox from 4Pockets, although this doesn’t seem as fully functional. I’d tell you more but the entire write for StageFeaver on the app store seems to be in German, which is not one of my strong points.

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