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Circuit bent VL-1 on eBay

Is it me or do there seem to be more of these around these days? It does look nice I have to admit, but in some ways I might want to do one of my own if I ever get a chance.

Anyway, here’s the link to it on ebay. I wonder how much it will go for?

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0 comments on “Auduino (in the pub?)”

Auduino (in the pub?)

Auduino from Omer Kilic on Vimeo.

I saw this on Synthtopia. Interesting concept (and nice blue light in the box). The sounds reminds me of my project SliderOn, which used a very similar idea but was slower, and was software as well.

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1 comment on “Noise IO getting MIDI support soon”

Noise IO getting MIDI support soon

The clever people over at Noise IO Pro have just posted this:

Some more great news for you, Noise addicts!

We’ve come down to an agreement with Nonnus of Silicon Studios / iTouchMidi, the author of excellent iTM apps.

This means that soon, Noise.io will get Midi-over-Wi-fi functionality!

Noise.io will be able to connect to time-proven, stable iTouchMidi server desktop programs (available for free, Mac & PC, any DAW).

With Midi functionality, Noise.io will behave exactly like a 21st century synth 🙂

Stay tuned! More information to follow soon!*

All of which is excellent news for users of Noise IO Pro, and of course continues to make the iPhone platform a more interesting and useful place for music.

Noise IO Pro at the app store

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2 comments on “Mixtikl and MIDI”

Mixtikl and MIDI

I finally got some time to use Mixtikl again today. I decided to see what it was like with a few MIDI files. So I exported a MIDI file from Bhajis (running under Styletap) on my Axim and ran it in Mixtikl. The results were really good. I started to try and use the Partikl engine too, but ran out of time. I’m hoping that I’ll get some more time to use this app over the next few weeks, and as I do I’ll post more experiences of it as I go.

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2 comments on “Intermorphic on Noatikl and Mixtikl”

Intermorphic on Noatikl and Mixtikl

This post from the Intermorphic blog tells us about what’s coming next with Noatikl and that there may well be a Mixtikl port to the iPhone possiblly.

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