Randgrid preview screens and online manual

Randgrid have added the start of an online manual to their site and have include these shots of the next version, which looks very promising indeed.

Add song editing, multiple patterns and file management will make a huge difference with this app.

Randgrid at the App Store

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New iPod accessories from Alesis

The Music Tools blog has a post on new products unveiled at NAMM by Alesis. The Pro Track mobile recording kit looks similar but probably sleeker and more professional than the Belkin version, but I’m not sure about the Jamdock (below). I’m not sure that the idea works. Of course, I could be wrong.

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Lots of news from Styletap

There’s a lot of news from Styletap today. Here’s what they have to say:

StyleTap Releases Symbian Version
StyleTap Platform for Symbian OS is now available for download and purchase at the StyleTap website.

The Symbian version supports all Nokia smartphones running S60 3rd Edition, Sony-Ericsson devices running UIQ 3.0, and the new Nokia touch UI devices running S60 5th Edition. It includes support for hardware features such as screen rotation and the optical joystick on the Samsung i8510 smartphone, and introduces a new screen rendering capability that significantly improves the readability of the screen on QVGA (240×320) devices.

With this release, StyleTap-compatible applications can now run on all PalmOS devices, all Windows Mobile devices and all Symbian smartphones – more than any other type of mobile applications.

StyleTap for the iPhone Still in Progress
Interest in StyleTap for the iPhone and iPod touch continues to be high, and we’ve had numerous queries looking for an update. So far, nothing has changed – Apple continues with its unfortunate App Store policy, and we continue the development work on the iPhone version.

However, we can assure all who have asked about pricing – an iPhone version of StyleTap will definitely not be among the thousands of App Store offerings priced at $1…

StyleTap for the Palm Pre?
Since Palm’s announcement of the Palm Pre and webOS, we have received many emails asking (and some begging) us to create a version of StyleTap for this new platform.

From Palm’s initial public statements about the application interface, it seems unlikely that we would be able to create a version of StyleTap without some assistance from Palm to provide access to the C/C++ level of APIs we would need. However, until we see what actually gets shipped to customers, it’s still too early to tell what level of APIs are going to be available.

While we continue to investigate the technical feasibility, we’re also assessing if there will be an appropriate business case for creating a product. If you are interested in seeing a version of StyleTap for the Palm Pre, please let us know with a quick email to sales@styletap.com, but also let Palm know that you want to have your PalmOS apps running on this new device.

Well, I’m still hoping that Apple does the decent thing and let’s Styletap release their app. Apple’s recent behaviour in allowing browser apps in is a glimmer of hope I guess.

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I found this when looking around the Arduino site. It looks like it could be a lot of fun to play with. Here’s some info:

The MIDUINO is a combination of MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) and the Arduino, which is based around the ATmega168 microcontroller. The Miduino is a breadboardable Arduino clone. The Miduino design kit comes with an ATMega168 pre-loaded with bootloader. The design can be utilized for general microcontroller projects or for specific MIDI designs.

The board design comes with a built in Opto-coupler and 4-way DIP switch which allows MIDI IN and easy setting of MIDI channels (1-16) if required. MIDI out is also available. The Miduino board is designed to be expandable. So MIDI IN is looped to MIDI OUT, on all the board designs.

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Styletap considering webOS

Brighthand writes about StyleTap considering creating a version of their Palm OS emulator for Palm’s new webOS. However, there are issues and currently Palm is not exposing the APIs that StyleTap will need to get the emulator up and running.

However, if Palm did make these APIs as available in webOS, what would that mean for music apps on the webOS?

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