Kepler’s Orrery: iPhone Generative Music

Sometimes I can’t resist unusual applications. Kepler’s Orrery is one such app. Who could resist using gravity equations to compose and play ambient music?

According to the write up on iTunes:

You with a world where there are planets and rocks. They attract each other with the basic gravitational equations. When the collide they make music. The music differs with each world. You can play with the physics: change the gravitational constant: add “antigravity” or friction: visualise the force fields and velocities.

You have to admit that it is quite interesting.

Kepler’s Orrery at the iTunes App Store

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Microphone designed for Boss Micro BR

I quite like the look of this mic designed specifically for the Boss Micro BR. It’ll be available in the UK from Feb.

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303 Pocket Noise coming

Looks like 303 Pocket Noise is still on the way and …

Regarding 303 Pocket Noise:

We have some aces up our sleeves

Which sounds very promising indeed. Just to remind you, 303 Pocket Noise is built on the same audio engine as Noise IO Pro, and has the following features:

+ 2 waveforms – saw, square
+ 4 Patterns with realtime pattern sequence programming
+ Realtime pattern editing (on loop)
+ Auto-save on quit
+ Slides, 3 octaves
+ Very simple interface: just 2 screens.
+ Modulation surface like in Pro
+ swingy BPM
+ effects: delay, distortion
+ .wav export via built-in server (no additional programs needed)
+ direct beatmaker export (hopefully).

We need this app to be a testing playground for new features and if the features prove itself, they will be expanded quickly into Pro. Pro will always remain the flagship product and will contain all the features found in smaller products.

303 Pocket Noise will be priced at $0.99 or at $1.99.

Planned date of release: middle or late December 2008 (which is obviously long gone now).

Get Noise IO Pro at the App Store

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Randgrid update

Randgrid have updated their app to version 0.8 with some fixes to the synth engine.

However, according the this thread at the noise IO site there’s more to come:

I have some news about Randgrid, an update will be released to Apple for approval this week.

It will include:

– multiple patterns
– file manager
– song sequencer
– play/pause

and many more features are planned or being developed as we speak.

I hope they add WAV export too of course, but perhaps we should let them get one big update out first.

Randgrid at the App Store

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Pacemaker DJ 2.0 confirmed

Tonium have confirmed their forthcoming Pacemaker 2.0 device on their blog. The new device will also have beatmatch capability with a smaller hard drive of only 60gb. However, the cost will be smaller, which could make all the difference.

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Amidio bringing a game app to the iPhone

The guys who brought us Noise IO Pro are planning a game! According to the Noise IO site they’re looking for beta testers now.

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