SunVox 1.2

SunVox 1.2 arrives. Here’s what’s new:

* added external mod2sunvox utility for MOD/XM -> SunVox files conversion;
* added synth activity indicators;
* added CPU usage monitor (not working on PalmOS);
* added \”mute\” and \”solo\” buttons to the window with synth controllers;
* added \”zoom in\” and \”zoom out\” buttons to the timeline window;
* added \”set vibrato phase\” controller in the \”flanger\” synth;
* improved reverb performance;
* increased frequency ranges of synths;
* updated manual;
* redesigned some GUI elements;
* fixed different bugs.

As soon as I get a chance to try it out I’ll post again.

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  1. He also seems to have changed the purchase method a little. I was put off by the scary sounding 6 monthly billing for a license but that no longer seems to be how it works.

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