Third-Party Applications on webOS

Finally I’ve found some confirmation that current Palm apps won’t run on the Pre’s webOS:

Third-party applications have been a huge part of Palm’s history and webOS continues this. Some of the companies who were announced to have or be working on applications include Facebook,Google, Pandora, Yahoo!, and AOL.

However, there is bad news for users of Palm’s current devices: webOS does not have support for legacy Palm OS software.

So Palm have left their users out in the cold which is a big disappointment. Let’s hope there’s still some mileage in Screens Environment and DGOS.

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Randgrid: First look

I’ve been playing with Randgrid this morning and getting used to the interface. It reminds me so much of the sound of Windows mobile apps like Phoenix Studio and PocketJam. The sound is really crisp and clear and the controls are easy enough to pick up within a few minutes. On the whole the app is well worth the £3.99.

As I mentioned yesterday, the site says the following:

This is a pre release of Randgrid, exiting new features are currently being developed and added, while some might change.

And in fact the site has been updated since I took a look at it yesterday. I’ll keep a close eye on how this one develops.

Randgrid at the App Store

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Tim Cole reviews the HTC Touch HD

Tim gives a useful view on the HTC Touch HD, and importantly, confirms that Mixtikl works on the device.

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Interview with Ge Wang of Smule

There’s also a profile of Ge Wang at Apple.

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Make your own MIDI adapter for older Palms

I stumbled over this page by accident. It has some really useful information for doing MIDI stuff with older palm units.

There’s also some basic info on coding MIDI using cbaspad if you’re interesting in that.

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