Palm Pre and webOS are NOT for audio

Thanks to Pete from Intermorphic for confirming my post yesterday:

I think you’re right… many mobiles are going this way, being about offering simple apps via quite unsophisticated underlying APIs exposed to JavaScript that are standards-based (and hence based on lowest common denominator.

While JavaScript/HTML/CSS are all very nice, your apps are all ultimately very limited in the scope of what they can achieve. For “real” *audio* apps, you need to write in C++ (or Obj-C, at a pinch!), and have access to a platform-level rich API that works at Native Speed; i.e.: WinMo, Symbian, iPhone! Not Linux/Android, until such time as a binary-level distribution mechanism for C++ apps might arrive (if ever!).

So we won’t see a Mixtikl for webOS nor a way to run apps like Bhajis or Sunvox on the Pre. What a shame, and what a missed opportunity for Palm.

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