Palm Pre and webOS are NOT for audio

Thanks to Pete from Intermorphic for confirming my post yesterday:

I think you’re right… many mobiles are going this way, being about offering simple apps via quite unsophisticated underlying APIs exposed to JavaScript that are standards-based (and hence based on lowest common denominator.

While JavaScript/HTML/CSS are all very nice, your apps are all ultimately very limited in the scope of what they can achieve. For “real” *audio* apps, you need to write in C++ (or Obj-C, at a pinch!), and have access to a platform-level rich API that works at Native Speed; i.e.: WinMo, Symbian, iPhone! Not Linux/Android, until such time as a binary-level distribution mechanism for C++ apps might arrive (if ever!).

So we won’t see a Mixtikl for webOS nor a way to run apps like Bhajis or Sunvox on the Pre. What a shame, and what a missed opportunity for Palm.

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Palm Pre and webOS

Palm have launched their new OS called webOS, and their first device to run it called Pre. I had a brief look at the developer page and I have to admit that I’m a bit confused. At one point it says:

And good news for Palm OS developers! There are a number of ways to migrate data from a an existing PDB file to your new WebOS app. Stay tuned for more information for developers with Palm OS applications who want to build WebOS applications.

But I had thought that the whole point of what was called ‘NOVA’ was that palm apps could run in it. The statement above seems to suggest that at least data will need to be migrated. Also, the developer page says:

Palm WebOS applications are easy to write using Mojo, a new application framework based on the HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript standards that web developers already know and love. WebOS applications are installed and run directly on the device at native speed and have access to a wide range of device services.

But I thought that NOVA was all about Linux. So what has happened?
Finally. The page says:

Palm will provide an on-device application catalog to deliver your apps directly to users.

Which really says to me that Palm are going to have totally separate apps for this device rather than legacy Palm OS devices.

If I’ve got this right it means that this is not really a platform for music apps, so I really hope I’ve got it wrong.

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Circuit Bending workshop in London

Resonance FM are putting on the following workshop in central London:

Saturday 17 January at 10am. £30.
Resonance FM presents a Circuit-Bending Workshop

Professor Nicolas Collins, author of Handmade Electronic Music, leads an all-day workshop in customised electronics: learn how to modify a radio, create a basic synthesiser and much more. The workshop takes place on Saturday the 17th of January in central London, from 10am til 5pm. The cost is thirty pounds. Spaces are strictly limited.
For full details email

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Little GP Tracker coming to PSP?

Thanks to Laurence for this news. The developer of littlegptracker for the gamepark handhelds is going to attempt a port to the sony psp. There is a hardware fund set up on fundable.

It would be great to see more apps porting from one platform to another, like this one and also Mixtikl too.

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Green VL1 (via Matrixsynth)

Matrixsynth had this picture and I had to post it.

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