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Tonium Announces Pacemaker 2.0 (via FutureMusic)

According to FutureMusic Tonium, the makers of the Pacemaker device are planning the launch of a scaled down version of their hardware. Here’s what FutureMusic has to say:

Tonium has up-down-graded their Pacemaker portable DJ system with an OS update and a smaller Hard Drive to make it more attractive to both retailers and consumers.

The new Pacemaker’s user interface has been completely reworked. The result is a more user-friendly, less-buggy interface that gives first-time users the ability to instantly DJ when they first take the device out of the box. In terms of features, Tonium’s engineers have given the new Pacemaker auto beat match, allowing novice DJs to seamlessly blend tracks together by the click of a button, allowing anyone to learn how to mix in less than 2 minutes. This Pacemaker’s hard drive has been reduced to 60GB from 120GB, capable of storing 15,000 songs.

Tonium’s new Pacemaker 2.0 will be available sometime this spring. No information on how “user-friendly” the price will be, but at over $800 bills, it’s clear that Tonium wasn’t moving as many units as they hoped. Learn more about the Pacemaker.

It sounds very interesting. I couldn’t find anything on the Packemaker site, or the Tonium site, so I do hope that this is for real as I think that a smaller device could get much more take up.

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0 comments on “Mixtikl updated to version”

Mixtikl updated to version

Mixtikl has been updated to version

– Fixed DLS wavetable; added a missing pitch envelope on the “Whistle” patch (no 78)
– Fixed problem where the license key data wasn’t always saved properly
– Windows Mobile: Fixed mic/ringtone recording to storage card
– Windows Mobile: Fixed ringtone/voice recording renaming on Windows Mobile.

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0 comments on “Mrmr updated”

Mrmr updated

Mrmr has been updated to version 1.021 fixing broken tactile view output which was accidentally broken in 1.020.

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2 comments on “Intermorphic Partikl tutorials”

Intermorphic Partikl tutorials

I was reading the tutorials on the Intermorphic site, and found the most brilliant Partikl tutorials. They are really worth a look, and give you an insight into how much depth there is in the new suite of apps from Intermorphic. At the end of the tutorial, the link to this very useful video too.

Visual Synthesis 1 from GM on Vimeo.

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2 comments on “New Zoom H4N recorder”

New Zoom H4N recorder

The Gadgeteer reports on the new Zoom H4n recorder, an update to their previous H4. The gadgeteer says that this one looks better, but I’m not sure I agree.

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0 comments on “Micromemo for iPod 4G”

Micromemo for iPod 4G

Having posted on the Incipio recorder for the 4G nano the other day another one turns up, this time the micromemo version, posted on by iLounge. I don’t think that this one looks quite as good though, although I do like the bendy mic extension, and the fact that is has a 3.5mm input jack.

Once again though, why nothing for the Touch?

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2 comments on “Playing with FutureSound”

Playing with FutureSound

You might remember I posted about the launch of an app called FutureSound. Well, I finally got around to playing with it this morning. Whilst it is interesting, it is almost like a proof of concept. It works, and it can create some interesting soundscapes, but it left me wanting it to do more, but I wasn’t sure in what way.

It made me realise that this platform is at such an early stage that developers and artists are still finding new ways to exploit it musically, and of course that can only ever be a good thing.

I hope that more apps like this one come out, and I hope this one gets updated too.

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