miniSynth updated to 1.2

MiniSynth has been updated to version 1.2 with a bunch of changes and features. More soon.

miniSynth available at the iTunes App Store

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TUAW on the Incipio recorder for iPod Nano

TUAW have this post on the new voice recorder from Incipio for the iPod Nano (latest gen). I wish one of these companies would do something similar for the Touch.

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Macworld is tomorrow, so …

Lots of the Mac blogs have been speculating about what will be announced tomorrow at the Macworld conference, but up until now I’ve avoided it. I don’t think that there’ll be much for the mobile music world, although I guess they could announce a netbook or a higher capacity touch maybe?

Who knows, Apple can be very good at coming out with something completely unexpected, which is nice to be honest.

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Noise IO Pro 1.2 record menu first look

A quick note to say that I had a chance to try out the latest version of Noise IO Pro and the new record menu. All works very well indeed, although I don’t think that I really got the overdub function, I’ll need to spend a bit more time on that bit.

Get Noise IO Pro at the App Store

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Make launches Makezine TV

I’m a bit of a fan of Make, hence this slightly off topic post. Make have now launched Makezine TV which is excellent news as they regularly have lots of interesting stuff on their video podcast which is really worth looking out for. Personally I really enjoyed their slots on the resistor and the LED.

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Meet the FourTrack developers at San Francisco Apple Store

Sonoma Wireworks, developers of the iPhone Four Track app have been invited to show their app at the Apple Store in San Francisco on the 7th of Jan 4 – 6 pm. Here are the details:

Apple says, “Over 10,000 applications have been developed for iPhone. Get to know some of our favorites as we host the developers in our theater this week during Macworld.” FourTrack developers have been invited to show FourTrack!

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