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News from RJDJ

I’m sure that some of you got the news email from RJDJ, for anyone who didn’t, here’s the news:

Releasing new apps like the shake album on the app store is something which you will see more often in 2009. We are working on new RjDj albums which will be released as RjDj apps in the next couple of months. These albums will be artist specific or the kind of compilations which we have released so far. Stay tuned, we are in the studio with some very interesting musicians.

At the same time we will extend the RjDj single application to feature downloadable scenes. You will be able to browse and download scenes from a variety of artists, directly within the RjDj single application. Artists are already able to create their own scenes today (see http://rjdj.me/howto-create-rjdj-scenes/) . Producing and sharing scenes should get significantly easier in 2009.

We know that a lot of people are waiting to access and share their RjDj recordings. This is another feature which we are working on right now and i hope it will be released very soon.

And finally, the RjDj album has been nominated as one of the best iPhone applications of 2008, in two categories in the Best App Ever Awards. RjDj could win the “Most Creative use of iPhone Hardware” and “Most Innovative App” categories with a little help from you. If you want to help spread the message about RjDj, go vote for us, and tell others to do the same!

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Circuit Bent Orchestra

Sequencing Kids Toys – Step One of Bent Orchestra from Mike Tron on Vimeo.
Interesting clip via Synthtopia, I hope he makes it to 15 or 20 toys.

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Onetonne Music 4 Way DS Jam

This video posted on Onetonne Music has a short clip of 4 DS’s being used with the Korg DS-10 running.

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Sunvox 1.1 on my Axim and other thoughts …

Thanks to the anonymous commenter who left this comment on my last post about Sunvox:

What model of axiom are you using? The idea of having it on a phone still sounds the most appealing to me. Always on and always with me is ideal plus a few hardware keys are nice as i think the dev said he would include user defined keymaps at some point.
I’ve just made a couple of silly quick bits of music in sunvox and im hoping to see:
1. Macro objects in the patch view. It can get crowded fast in there and being able to group sections inside their own boxes would make things a lot easier to handle.
2. Some work on usability in the arranger view. It feels a bit awkward, can’t be edited whilst music is playing and he seems to have used “clone” and “copy” to mean the opposite things to every other tracker I’ve used.
3. A long user updated list of devices that work with sunvox and their limits/benefits. So far you seem to be doing the most on this but if a few bits of really usable, mobile hardware are found that feel right in form and spec it could really take off.

To answer your question, the Axim I’m using is a Dell Axim x51 running Windows Mobile 5. I agree with all of your comments on the app. I’m glad to see it being updated regularly even with the very big wishlist it is carrying.

And I was pleased to see how well id did in the Palm Sounds most innovative app of 2008 poll. Here’s to bigger and better things for Sunvox in 2009.

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Generator from Studio Six Digital

Generator is a new app from Studio Six Digital who have developed a number of audio analysis apps including RTA, ETC, and SPL. Generator is priced at £2.99 which isn’t that cheap by app store standards.

There have been a number of analysis apps on the app store so far but I haven’t really covered them in detail as yet.

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More app ideas?

Following up on the post the other day about app ideas I was thinking about Moo Cow Music. All their apps so far have focused on making real instruments available on the iPhone platform such as Pianist, Organist, and Guitarist, so I wondered if they would continue that theme for any new releases?

If they do, then my suggestion for Moo Cow Music would be something like, Percussionist. A percussion only app that would allow you to play a wide range of percussive instruments from all over the world and overdub them into patterns that could be exported to WAV files or integrated with something like Beatmaker.

I think that would be a really fun app to play around with.

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