SunVox 1.1 on my Axim

Having tried to use Sunvox on my Treo 750 with very poor results I thought I’d find the same on my Axim. However, the results were in fact excellent, and possibly even better than on a Palm device.

I started looking at the sequencer aspects of Sunvox and played one of the demo songs. I guess I’d forgotten just how amazing a piece of software Sunvox is. It made me realise that I really need to do something more with this app and finally get my head around it in depth.

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  1. What model of axiom are you using? The idea of having it on a phone still sounds the most appealing to me. Always on and always with me is ideal plus a few hardware keys are nice as i think the dev said he would include user defined keymaps at some point.I’ve just made a couple of silly quick bits of music in sunvox and im hoping to see:1. Macro objects in the patch view. It can get crowded fast in there and being able to group sections inside their own boxes would make things a lot easier to handle.2. Some work on usability in the arranger view. It feels a bit awkward, can’t be edited whilst music is playing and he seems to have used “clone” and “copy” to mean the opposite things to every other tracker I’ve used.3. A long user updated list of devices that work with sunvox and their limits/benefits. So far you seem to be doing the most on this but if a few bits of really usable, mobile hardware are found that feel right in form and spec it could really take off.


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