Noise IO Newsletter

I got the Noise IO Pro newsletter today. Here’s the news:

Just wanted to let you know that update to v. 1.2 will be available within several days – we’re waiting for Apple’s approval. It will contain all we promised to do: record, beatmaker integration, .wav/.caf export, built-in server (with audio preview) and even some more features. As usual, more info is available at our website:

We’re also working on 2-way midi-over-wifi but cannot tell right now when it will be implemented.

I think the MIDI feature will be really interesting. Noise IO Pro just keeps getting better and better.

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Tascam DP-004 Mini 4-track

Thanks to J for pointing me in the direction of this mini 4-track from Tascam. It does look very nice actually, more knobs than the Boss Micro BR. Here are the specs:

– Two 1/4″ unbalanced mic/line inputs
– Switchable guitar input
– Headphone/Line output
– USB 2.0 connector
– Four-track digital multitrack recording
– CD-quality 44.1kHz/16-bit WAV recording
– Records to SD Card media (1GB card included)
– Autopunch, repeat and record undo
– Dedicated stereo mixdown track
– Powered through AA Batteries or optional PS-P520 power adapter
– Battery life: About 8 hours recording, about 8.5 hours playback (alkaline batteries)
– Dimensions: 6.1″ W x 1.3″ H x 4.2″ D (155mm W x 33.5mm H x 107mm D)
– Weight: 2.8 oz (360 g, w/o batteries)

If you have one or have used one, please let me know your opinions.

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Useful thread on the differences between developing for WM and iPhone

Thanks to Jack for this thread on why Windows Mobile apps cost more than their iPhone counterparts. Makes for interesting reading.

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Vote for favourite iPhone apps at BestAppEver

This site has lots of categories for iphone apps and includes lots of my favourite apps such as:

– Noise IO Pro
– Four Tracks
– Ocarina
– RJDJ Album

So vote for the apps you love at Best App Ever.

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Innovative App 2008: Poll Results

I’ll probably take the poll down in a day or two, so I thought it would be worth recording the results of the Palm Sounds Most Innovative Application of 2008 Poll:

1st – Sunvox 1.1 with 29% of the votes
2nd – Mixtikl with 16% of the votes
3rd – Beatmaker with 13% of the votes
4th – Korg DS-10 with 11% of the votes
5th – Jointly Noise IO Pro and RJDJ, both with 8% of the votes
6th – Jointly SynthPond and Nitrotracker, both with 3% of the votes

Interesting results. I’ll have to do it again for next year and possibly sooner.

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Another DJ app for the iPhone? Yes, but it does look quite interesting and is currently Free!

When I’ve had a chance to play with I’ll post again.

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