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Thanks to D. Kristian for these app ideas for the touch / iphone. I guess they could be as appropriate on those platforms as any other.

Suggestions for new iPhone/iPod Touch apps for 2009.

Since I imagine many developers are regular readers of this blog, I would like to take the opportunity to suggest the following:

1. A “paint to sound” or image to sound app similar to Coagula or Metasynth; it wouldn’t have to be real-time, but that could also be nice.

2. A Mellotron app (based on some of the smaller freebie Mellotron VSTi’s like Nanotron or Tapeworm.

3. An analogue synth/sequencer app that isn’t a 303 clone. I love Finger Bassline, but something with two oscillators and a delay would be great.

4. An update of Bloom that would allow you to program or import your own sounds, or at least nix the piano so that only the backing pads remain.

Happy new year to all, and thanks for the great blog, apps, and inspiration!

I think that these are all good ideas. So I thought, why not start a new discussion on the Palm Sounds Group.

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  1. Your readers should crowd source some music apps with someone like electric ears or another decent music developer.

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