Some ideas for apps

Thanks to D. Kristian for these app ideas for the touch / iphone. I guess they could be as appropriate on those platforms as any other.

Suggestions for new iPhone/iPod Touch apps for 2009.

Since I imagine many developers are regular readers of this blog, I would like to take the opportunity to suggest the following:

1. A “paint to sound” or image to sound app similar to Coagula or Metasynth; it wouldn’t have to be real-time, but that could also be nice.

2. A Mellotron app (based on some of the smaller freebie Mellotron VSTi’s like Nanotron or Tapeworm.

3. An analogue synth/sequencer app that isn’t a 303 clone. I love Finger Bassline, but something with two oscillators and a delay would be great.

4. An update of Bloom that would allow you to program or import your own sounds, or at least nix the piano so that only the backing pads remain.

Happy new year to all, and thanks for the great blog, apps, and inspiration!

I think that these are all good ideas. So I thought, why not start a new discussion on the Palm Sounds Group.

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Moo Cow Music Pianist update

Pianist from MooCowMusic has just got big update including:

– Zoomable keys
– Dual keyboard

and much more.

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Junglinge update

Junglinge gets a bug fix update removing some clicks.

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Palm Sounds Wealth Warning!

It has taken me a little while, but in response to the comment below from robman84 here are a few Palm Sounds safety tips for 2009:

Hmm, I have a complaint to make. The video showing the nanopad has forced me to go and buy one, thus costing me over 40 quid. I hold you personally responsible!

Here are some pointers to keep in mind:

1. Palm Sounds cannot be held responsible for you spending your hard earned cash on really cool gadgets
2. However, if you do spend your cash on cool things you find out about on Palm Sounds you have to let me know just how cool they are
3. Palm Sounds does not issue refunds (because I have no money)

Also, robman84, you’ve got to let me know how that nanopad is going.

If anyone has any other tips or suggestions, please email them in or comment them on this post.

ATB. Palm Sounds.

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Welcome to 2009

Well, I hope you had a good new year’s party and don’t have too much of a hang over. I’m sure that 2009 is going to be an interesting year and even more packed with new hardware, software, and ideas than 2008.

If there’s anything you think Palm Sounds should be more involved with in 2009, like other operating systems, hardwares, or whatever, please email palm dot sounds at mac dot com and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Also, if you want to send in details of your live shows, videos, pictures or new releases please feel free to use the same address.

Here’s to 2009. All the best, Palm Sounds.

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