Repurpose your old iPod

Lifehacker has this post on ‘repurposing’ your old iPod. Personally I think that’s a great idea, if indeed you have an old iPod hanging around.

I’d often thought about getting a 3rd generation ipod to use pd Anywhere on, but like many projects it has stayed in my head. Maybe I’ll go and look on eBay now and see if there are any going cheap!

On a more serious note though, I think that the whole ‘repurpose’ or reuse idea will take off far more in 2009 as it is probably fair to say that people might have a bit less cash next year. Repurposing older technology and making new things from old is an excellent way of discovering what devices can do, and of course in many circumstances discovering what will make them cease to function. Of course that’s just the price you pay for tinkering or circuit bending or whatever you want to call it.

Anyway, perhaps we’ll look at some more repurposing projects and see how much fun can be had in reusing old technology.

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Is there an Arduino for synths?

I’ve been reading a lot about Arduino, which looks like loads of fun, but I was wondering if there was something like Arduino but for building synths?

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Peter Kirn wants us to learn processing

Peter says that 2009 is the year we should learn processing in this post, and to help he’ll be providing some tutorials from next week, which I’ll look forward to.

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Loopy coming to the iPod Touch

Thanks to the developers of Loopy for this comment:

Loopy has now been confirmed to work fine on iPod Touch. Enabling support as soon as Apple come back from Christmas.

I’m hoping to get this when it gets updated on the App Store.

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GrooveStep gets to version 1

Groovestep has hit version 1.0. If you haven’t tried out this app for the DS, you really should.

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nanoKey in black

Nice photo of the black nanoKey.

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Intermorphic on launch dates

Intermorphic talking about the fact that they launched Noatikl on the same day as Mixtikl but one year earlier.

If you haven’t as yet tried Mixtikl, it is worth taking a look over at the Intermorphic site.

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What did you get for Christmas?

Hope you had a good couple of days off for Christmas. If you got any really cool gifts (cool as in handheld music cool), then please send in pictures etc to:

palm dot sounds at mac dot com.

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