Touch The Wave updated

According to the App Store Touch the Wave has been updated, but as the update note is in Japanese again, I am struggling to work out what has been updated. If anyone knows can they share?

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  1. Well, I’m not sure how much this will help, but here is an electronic translation of his blog entry:V0.5.2 of Touch the Wave was released. It slid before the iTunes Connect Christmas holiday and it was safe. Is just little modification, but as for main At the time of [rupuonohu] the ripple mark part having the fact that it stops being indicated the touch range of the button of correction prayer picture top the scroll of the enlargement ripple mark more smoothly With it is to be the place where you said, but not to be 60fps which has been written on the entry of the time before in regard to the scroll of the ripple mark, it has set to 45fps, (interval where timer is set to the last because it is, you think that iPod touch first generation is with it has not appeared to there,). Whether or not in the future it is increased to 60fps, it is performance circumstance after the noise measure. When you experience one time 60fps, 30fps not can be satisfied, [tsu] [chi] [ya] now being completed. After, just a little, the easter egg [tsu] [po] paragraph [te] you put away, but Playback button long stopping opposite playback with pushing, when locking with the double tap playback direction at the time of the reversal lock with the double tap, resetting the diacritic button to BPM which is described to file name With it has modified in the wind which is said. Necessity of opposite playback is that doubt remains, but well, with the being defeated functional [tsu] lever. After with the trouble where recently the air is attached, after the alarm is interrupted, the [tsu] [te] where application ends there are times when you say. When it is current version, because measure it continued to do at the time of OS2.0, when it tried sounding the alarm after a long time, the stone it fell. It corrects with timing of the following update. In regard to the noise measure of iPod touch 2G, 2G is, in order for noise not to come out, it was possible, but when so it does, it is about this time in order for the efficiency of 1G not to overtake conversely, somehow it has been about it will reach the point where noise enters, to try adjusting. If good thing drawing system it can move to OpenGL, it may become somehow, however is, still it is in the midst of just a little groping.


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