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More updates from Intua

Manual and BeatPack updated from Intua.

* New BeatMaker User Manual *
We have rewritten the BeatMaker User Manual so that it reflects all the new features brought by BeatMaker 1.3 and 1.3.1. Learn everything you need to know about BeatMaker, download it now from: http://www.intua.net/

* BeatPack 0.91 for MacOS X *
This BeatPack update fixes an issue which have been reported with the latest MacOS X 10.5.6 operating system. BeatPack for Windows is not affected by those changes.

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Handango’s 12 Days of Christmas: 11th Day

Handango is up to day 11. Today’s deal is, purchase apps today on Handango.com and save 11% now. Plus, receive a promo code straight to your inbox for 20% off when you purchase in January 2009.

12 Days of Saving

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