Pro 1.2 Submitted to Apple

The guys at Noise IO have surpassed themselves again. Here’s there latest update on version 1.2 which is with Apple now:

We made all we promised: record, beatmaker integration, .wav/.caf export, built-in server (with audio preview).

We even made a little more (that is overdub, and the upcoming ability to jam along with your uploaded samples. Currently, you can upload samples to the ioLibrary via server, but there’s no way to choose the file directly from within

We did not release any other apps in this year, focusing on tailoring Pro. That wasn’t a very income-wise solution, but as you all might have understood, we’re just synth enthusiasts, not finance sharks Pro 1.2 features

+ new Record menu
+ record to play along with
+ overdub-record
+ Save recorded material as .WAV or .CAF
+ built-in server to access your ioLibrary from PC or MAC (browser-based, no additional soft needed)
+ Direct export to Beatmaker (need Beatmaker 1.3.2, which is not released yet)
+ Improved speed, stability
+ Minor graphic changes

This new record screen is not too beautiful, but we had to make it look like this, to reserve memory (which is taken by bitmaps easily)
Maybe we’ll change it later. Currently it works and it does what it says, anyway 😉

“303 Pocket Noise” will be released in the beginning of 2009.

Pretty amazing stuff all in all. I can’t say I’m surprised about their 303 app, and Jan 2009 will be fine for me. Although I do like the nams ‘303 Pocket Noise’.

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Beatmaker update

Beatmaker has been updated to version 1.3.1. This version restores the Groove Editor (apparently by popular demand), and introduces a global volume level.

Of course, what I’m waiting for is version 1.3.2 for integration with Noise IO Pro, but I’m sure that will come soon enough.

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BeatMaker at the iTunes App Store

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DigiDrummer 1.9 available

DigiDrummer 1.9 is now available. The new version now includes overdubbing, which is excellent. Just what I was after.

DigiDrummer available at the iTunes App Store

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