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Pink Kaossilator

Thanks to Herrprof who points out that the new pink Kaossilator has additional eastern scales onboard, which may appeal to some.

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FourTracks updated

FourTrack has been updated to version v1.2 Improvements Include:

* FourTrack WiFi Sync to RiffWorks – RiffWorks Standard and RiffWorks T4 v2.5 automatically detect and import tracks directly from the FourTrack iPhone app, including pan and gain settings, using Bonjour on Mac and Windows.

* Improved Master Output Compressor/Limiter – All new program-dependent master output compressor/limiter increases overall output level and eliminates pumping and breathing at high output levels.

* Disabled sleep during playback – Improves usability.

* Reduced battery usage – Saves battery when phone goes to sleep with FourTrack running.

For me the most interesting thing here is the integration with the desktop app. Although they haven’t fixed the iPod Touch issues as yet.

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Handango’s 12 Days of Christmas: 6th Day

Another day of Handango’s 12 days of Christmas. Today (day 6) is all about shopping apps. 15% off to be correct.

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Playing with Partikl

For the last couple of mornings I’ve been playing around with the Partikl app in Mixtikl, and I’ve been really impressed. Partikl is a really powerful tool for creating FX networks. It is highly configurable and flexible, and every time I use it I find something new to play around with.

I can’t wait for this app to get released.

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1 comment on “FutureSound app (via Synthtopia)”

FutureSound app (via Synthtopia)

Another rather unusual app via this post from Synthtopia. It sounds like something between Bloom and RJDJ. However, looking at the artist quoted as being involved it has made me pay it a bit more attention. Scanner and David Toop are quite interesting artists and something that they’ve been involved in designing could be quite interesting.

However, although the price isn’t too high £5.99 ($9.99) the app is 107 MB in size, which is very big.

I may give it a go soon.

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1 comment on “Limited edition Pink Kaossilator”

Limited edition Pink Kaossilator

MacMusic has this news of a limited edition pink Kaossilator coming from Korg. As far as I can tell the only difference between this and the yellow one is that the new one is pink.

I’m not entirely sure who this is going to appeal to though.

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0 comments on “RJDJ Berlin Sprint yielding new scenes.”

RJDJ Berlin Sprint yielding new scenes.

From this post at the RJDJ site it sounds like they’ve had a very productive weekend in terms of the generation of new scenes. I guess we’ll have to see how long it takes to get these out to the App store and how they will be priced.

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