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Noise IO Pro 1.2 coming

The next version of Noise IO Pro is on the way, and packed with great things too. Here’s what to expect:

+ Record functionality
+ Overdub-record (possibly)
+ Direct export to Beatmaker without PC (to be confirmed by Intua)
+ Export to WAV via built-in server
+ Improved speed, stability
+ Minor graphic changes

I think that for me the recording and overdubbing facilities will be of most interest, but of course the interface with Beatmaker could be a real step forward for iPhone based music apps. So far Apple’s restrictions on apps have meant that two apps couldn’t share data. If these guys and Intua have found a way to do it then I’m guessing that the possibilities could be quite significant.

Get Noise IO Pro at the App Store

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Handango’s 12 Days of Christmas: 4th Day

Today’s deal from Handango is:

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Cosmovox 1.7.4

Cosmovox has been updated to version 1.7.4. This is a stability release for Cosmovox

Cosmovox at the iTunes App Store

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