Openmoko: SATAN (Signal Applications To Any Audio Network)

Thanks to bOOmbaum for posting a comment with a link to this OpenMoko app called ‘Satan’, which stands for ‘Signal Applications To Any Audio Network’. Here’s how the wiki page describes it:

Signal Applications To Any (Audio for now) Network is a program for sound and music creation and composition.
In fact, it is aimed to enable you to do everything from composing to mastering and in the end create a complete master piece…

Plug-in based system for sound generators and effects.
Create networks of machines and effects graphically.
Use the touch-screen to tap your rythms and melodies.
Or use the built-in tracker.
Supports both directly generated sound and samples.

I’d quite forgotten about Openmoko as a platform to be honest, but perhaps it is something I should keep a closer eye on. This app looks quite interesting, but of course, without a device I can’t tell you anything more at the moment, and I doubt I’ll be getting one at $399 per handset.

Anyway, if anyone does have any experience of this app or other Openmoko music apps please do get in touch.

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  1. Nice blog entry!

    I am the current principal author of SATAN, and I did the Open Moko port. However, since the Open Moko platform sort of slowly died I dropped it.. I have however moved on to Android now, and I have a porting project going on… No app on the market yet, but if you have a device you can build it your self from source: (Android 2.1 minimum)


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