ITM MIDI Lab updated

iTouch MIDI has been updated. The update also says Coming soon …

– ITM Modular

Now, both of those sound interesting. However, ITM have been saying that these will be coming for a while now?

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Partikl V1 docs now online

With the launch of Mixtikl so close on the horizon, intermorphic have made available the documentation for Partikl which provides FX networks for Mixtikl. It is really worth a quick look as the docs will make you realise just how much there is in this app.

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DS-10 videos

Here’s a bunch of interesting DS-10 videos which also include the nano series too.

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Openmoko: SATAN (Signal Applications To Any Audio Network)

Thanks to bOOmbaum for posting a comment with a link to this OpenMoko app called ‘Satan’, which stands for ‘Signal Applications To Any Audio Network’. Here’s how the wiki page describes it:

Signal Applications To Any (Audio for now) Network is a program for sound and music creation and composition.
In fact, it is aimed to enable you to do everything from composing to mastering and in the end create a complete master piece…

Plug-in based system for sound generators and effects.
Create networks of machines and effects graphically.
Use the touch-screen to tap your rythms and melodies.
Or use the built-in tracker.
Supports both directly generated sound and samples.

I’d quite forgotten about Openmoko as a platform to be honest, but perhaps it is something I should keep a closer eye on. This app looks quite interesting, but of course, without a device I can’t tell you anything more at the moment, and I doubt I’ll be getting one at $399 per handset.

Anyway, if anyone does have any experience of this app or other Openmoko music apps please do get in touch.

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