CDM Winter guide

The CDM Winter Guide has lots of interesting things in it. Here’s a little taster:

  • Circuit bending 101 with Michael Una
  • Imagining synths: reflections on the design of electronic instruments with Dan McPharlin, creator of wonderful miniature synths handmade from cardboard
  • Tutorial on slicing audio to MIDI in Ableton Live 7, with tips from Live guru Francis Preve plus a free accompanying CDM pack designed by Covert Operators at
  • Holiday Guide, with your favorite gear and software of the year, listening and reading suggestions, and ideas on open hardware from monome creator Brian Crabtree
  • Creative tips for surviving winter in Berlin, courtesy monolake (Robert Henke)
  • Images from the CDM community and beyond

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Dual Boot TX: Reware

Reware from eyebeam looks like a really interesting project, especially with this comment:

Coming soon, a image for running Pd, Python, and Lua programs on PDAs, as well as a HOWTO for making Pd patches for 1-5G iPods. The key idea is to turn old PDAs, mobile phones, etc. into something like an Arduino, where you can easily upload your own code to the device.

I must take a closer look at this and report back.

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RJDJ Album now 2G compatible

Excellent news for 2nd generation Touch users. Now RJDJ Album will now work on these devices.

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