CDM and ETSY Workshops and virtual labs

CDM writes on upcoming workshop slots at ETSY, and the virtual ETSY lab coming soon.

I wish we had more stuff like this in London. Kinetica looked like it might evolve into something like this but it never happened sadly.

If you know of similar stuff happening in the UK, please get in touch.

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Palm’s NOVA coming soon?

PalmInfocenter writes about Palm’s announcement that they will be talking about some ‘Palm New-ness’ at CES next month.

Let’s hope that NOVA is coming and new devices too!

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Pacemaker gets a widget

Pacemaker have got themselves a widget that can be embedded, which is nice. I wish they’d create a version of pacemaker for Palm os Windows Mobile, or even for iPhone for that matter.

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Innovation in 2008 (final list)?

Thanks for all the suggestions on this poll and which apps should be in it. Here’s my list now:

  • SynthPond
  • Nitrotracker
  • RJDJ
  • Sunvox
  • Bloom
  • Mixtikl
  • Beatmaker
  • Alleygate (Bhajis plugin)
  • Noise IO Pro
  • Korg DS-10
  • cellDS

I’m hoping to go with this list by the end of the day, but if there are any last minute additions please comment them in.

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cellDS and glitchDS in Reaktor

The creator of CellDS and glitchDS has created a Reaktor patch for these (video above). He goes on mention in his blog that he hopes to devote some more time to these over the Christmas break and is also working on a new MIDI sequencer in processing. Of course, I’m hoping he’ll make it available in mobile processing too!

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First Music video shot on an iPhone

TUAW has the story of the first music video shot with an iPhone. The app used is a jail break app, but even so, it is a bit of an achievement.

What I don’t get is why Apple never released an iLife version for their mobile devices, and iLife Mobile or something like that. Who knows, perhaps we’ll see something at MacWorld in Jan 09.

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